Works with your current system.

No need to switch payroll providers.

InStaff is compatible with any payroll system that produces a PDF paystub file.

What our customers are using

Our customers are already delivering online paystubs for the following payroll systems:

Need InStaff for another system? No problem. Check your system compatibility below.

Is my paystub compatible?

Check the following to see if InStaff will work with your payroll system's paystubs:

InStaff paystub requirements


Do I have to upload each pay stub individually?

Absolutely not! All you have to do is upload your PDF paystub file containing multiple paystubs (or zip folder of individual PDF paystubs). InStaff will automatically read, sort, split, and deliver your pay stubs to your employees' accounts.

How long does InStaff retain paystubs?

By default, paystubs are kept available for viewing for 3 years. However, this can be adjusted for your preferences. We will always provide advance notice before deleting any paystubs or other data.

Does InStaff recreate our paystubs, or deliver them as is?

InStaff does not recreate your paystub. It will deliver your paystubs as they are. InStaff only sorts and splits PDFs into their individual paystubs before delivering.

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