Time Off Requests

Submit, manage, and track employee time off requests online.

Digitalize and Simplify Your Time Off Request Process

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Request Time Off

Request Time Off From Your InStaff Account

Employees can select from preconfigured time off types and submit their time off request from anywhere with a few clicks.

Track Balances

Set employees’ vacation and time off balances and rules to give employees visibility into their remaining balance at any time.

Calendar View

Approved time off can be displayed on a company-wide dashboard calendar to provide visibility into when team members are out of office. Easily import to your team’s Outlook or Google calendars.

History At A Glance

Employees can view a detailed history of all the time off requests made

Admin Tools

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Time Off Manager Screen

Configure Time Off Types

Configure custom time off types (e.g., vacation, sick, etc.), and add rules and balances for each. Highly customizable settings allow for a time off request process tailored to your specific organization.

Customizable Approval Workflows

Set a custom approval workflow. Determine who handles request approvals for a given group of employees, who is notified of a new request, and more.

Submit On Behalf Of Employees

Admins can easily submit time off requests made verbally or through other means on behalf of employees if needed.

Run And Export Time Off Reports

Generate customizable and detailed time off reports using different filters. Reports can be exported to PDF or CSV and formatted to fit the import format of your specific ERP’s import format for simple transfer of data from InStaff.

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