5 Best Time Tracking Solutions for Sage 300

Sage 300 ERP is famously known for its expandability due to its strong ecosystem of both native Sage and 3rd party software add-ons. This is true for many critical business operations, and time tracking is no exception. With a variety of solid time tracking options that integrate or work with Sage 300, Sage 300 users have their pick when it comes to finding the perfect time tracking solution for their business. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best time tracking solutions for Sage 300. 

Sage Time and Attendance/Delphia  

With Sage Time and Attendance, users can expect a modern time tracking system that handles job allocations, scheduling, and time off tracking. With support for web, mobile, and biometric validation, Sage Time and Attendance performs calculations, collects times, allows accuracy audits, and complex rule configuration for calculations, security and permissions, and more.  

As Sage’s own time tracking solution, Sage Time and Attendance has a built-in integration to Sage HRMS so that new hires are automatically transferred without having to re-input data. It will also transfer other key employee data from Sage HRMS, making this a great option for Sage 300 users who may already be using Sage HRMS and are looking for a seamless way to connect their new time tracking solution to the rest of their Sage suite. 


InStaff is a 3rd party Employee Self-Service (ESS) add-on to Sage 300 ERP, initially built by a veteran Sage 300 development and customization shop. InStaff’s Employee Portal can be outfitted with the user’s selection of modules, including a Time Tracking and Time-Off Requests module. Built by Sage 300 experts, InStaff features an off-the-shelf integration directly into Sage 300 Payroll Time Cards, and time tracking data can be brought into any other required area of Sage 300, including Project Job Costing, GL, AR, and more. Sage data can also be brought into InStaff to sync employee information between the two systems. 

InStaff’s Time-Off Requests module handles leave management, giving employees the ability to submit leave requests directly from their InStaff account. With configurable leave types, rules, balance tracking, approval processes, and reporting, the InStaff Time-Off Requests module is a natural expansion of the Time Tracking module. 

InStaff is a great solution for businesses that are looking for a relatively simple to set up, affordable and no-frills time tracking solution that integrates directly with Sage 300. With highly flexible configuration of time tracking data collection, rules, and entry methods (including a virtual punch clock terminal that can be installed onto any central device), InStaff time tracking can be easily tailored to a company’s specific workflow and processes, and expanded with additional InStaff modules including online paystub hosting/delivery for Sage 300, announcements, digital document management, and more. InStaff is also an actively supported and developing solution, with new modules and feature updates regularly. 


Manusonic is a 3rd party time tracking solution that integrates directly with Sage 300. Offering rugged hardware solutions and feature-rich software applications, including SonicClock, Hand Punch, Web Timesheet, iT 100, and other solutions. Manusonic’s timeclock terminals are easily set up on wall mounts and ready to integrate with with back-office applications including payroll, job costing, accounting and HR. Able to handle high throughput and ensuring protection of personal information, Manusonic is a great option to explore for companies who are shopping physical time clock terminals and corresponding software. 

Manusonic’s software provides rich analytic capability allowing users to gather insights into employee time trends, and offers a host of additional solutions alongside its time tracking solution, including scheduling and shift management, time off, and employee resource reporting. Currently serving a wide variety of industries from social services to hospitality. 


As another well known 3rd party provider of Sage 300 integrated time tracking software, Norming’s Time Management suite includes three components: Timesheet, Leave and Overtime. 

Norming’s Timesheet module tracks time on projects, phases and tasks with both cost and rate applied to working time. Approved timesheets can then be passed directly to Sage 300 for accounting. With custom rules to define your work calendar and timesheet submission frequency, Norming can also be configured to meet the unique workflow of your business. Alter how timesheets are displayed with a grid or in/out format, and finally post timesheet data to Sage 300 PJC or Payroll Timecards. 

Norming’s Leave Tracking module manages various types of leave in the organization, balance, and history. With web-based and mobile-based screens that enable entry and approval on the go. Finally, the Overtime tracking module tracks requests and approvals for overtime, managing the overtime bank for employees. 

File Import/Export with Another Time Tracking Provider 

Although there are obvious benefits to using a time tracking solution that integrates directly with your Sage 300 ERP such as the solutions listed above, Sage 300 is also flexible enough to collect time tracking data from time tracking systems outside its ecosystem through file export and import. If your company is using a time tracking solution that doesn’t integrate directly with Sage 300, it is likely that you can still format your time tracking data export for a clean import into Sage 300.  

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