Time Tracking for Sage 300 ERP Developed by Sage 300 Experts

With multiple entry methods, customizable rules and workflows, InStaff’s Time Tracking module is an affordable Time Tracking solution directly integrated with Sage 300 ERP, built by veteran Sage 300 developers.

Multiple Entry Methods for Different Employee Types and Organizations

Retroactively Submitted Digital Time Sheet Entries
Time Tracking Instaff 2
Virtual Punch Clock Termina
Instaff Time Track 2
Personal Clock-In/ClockOut

Track Time On-Site or On-The-Go

Whether you have on-site employees clocking in from the same location every day, or employees moving from job to job in the field, InStaff’s time tracking works on any device. Use InStaff on desktop, mobile and tablets to track time from anywhere.

Customizable Logic, Rules & Format

Time Tracking Instaff 7

Capture everything you need. Robust settings and custom fields allow you to gather everything required from your employee’s time tracking entries.

Set up tasks and job numbers with validation, account for overtime and nightshifts, and more.

Set up custom rules to automatically handle breaks, missed entries, round time, and more.


Customizable Approval Workflows

Set up an approval workflow that works for your organization.

Assign employees to specific managers who can handle approvals or make entries on behalf of team members.

If required, configure a multi-step approval process where another role can have final sign-off 

Time Tracking Instaff 5

Granular Reporting & Data Manipulation

Time Tracking Instaff 6

Build reports with various filters and manipulate data live for insights with drag and drop tables that allow you to slice your data however you want to.

Output & Integrations

Automatically bring InStaff Time Tracking data into your Sage 300 ERP with our off-the-shelf direct integration. Our experienced Sage 300 development team can also customize the integration as necessary to fit your business’s specific needs. Reach out today to get the conversation started!

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