Digital Documents

Turn your InStaff portal into a digital hub for company and employee documents and files.

Everything Employees And Admins Need In One Place

Digital Documents Instaff
Sample folders and files

Self-Service Access to Company Documents

Give employees self-service access to view and download all of your company’s important and frequently used documents. Company handbooks, guides, onboarding materials, commonly used forms; your InStaff portal is a central hub for everything your employees need.

Personal Folders for Every Employee

Provide each employee with their own personal folder – great for uploading employee-specific documents such as employment contracts, performance evaluations, insurance information, and more.

Built-in Word Processor

Create documents on-the-fly with a built-in word processor.

Built-in word processor for creating documents on-the-fly

Set Departmental Permissions on Files

InStaff’s Digital Documents Module uses your InStaff portal’s native “departments” feature to control document access by allowing for group-specific permissions on your company documents and files.

Keep Organized with Folders and Tables of Contents

Utilize InStaff’s natives folders/sub-folders and document Table of Contents features to group documents, set permissions, and keep organized.

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