Introducing InStaff Time Tracking for Sage 300


To get a sense of the depth of InStaff’s unique Time Tracking solution for Sage 300, we should start at the beginning of InStaff’s history.

InStaff, which we today refer to as our Modular Employee Solutions Portal, started off as a simple online paystub portal for Sage 300 ERP paystubs. It was built in 2014 by the team at Hutility, a veteran Sage 300 development shop that has been operating since 2004. Led by a former Sage 300 (then Accpac) R&D and senior technical specialist at Sage, Hutility has completed over two thousand Sage 300 customizations for nearly thirteen hundred clients since its inception.

Shortly after InStaff was born, the Hutility team added a Time Tracking module for InStaff. While it can be and is used alongside many different ERPs today, our team’s expertise with Sage 300 has allowed us to build an off-the-shelf direct integration for Sage 300, which we can customize as necessary depending on your organization’s specific processes and requirements, bringing time tracking data into Sage 300 payroll time cards, project job costing, GL, AR, or wherever it is needed.

In the Sage 300 space, InStaff stands as an affordable Time Tracking solution in comparison to other fully integrated options, while remaining robust, flexible and capable of fully tailored integration with your Sage 300 instance.


InStaff Time Tracking for Sage 300 At A Glance


Multiple Entry Options – On Site or On-The-Go

InStaff Time Tracking has multiple methods for collecting Time Tracking data, depending on your organization’s use case.

Punch Clock Terminal

Set InStaff up in Punch Clock Terminal mode on a centralized tablet or device for quick punching in and out. Perfect for organizations whose employees track time in the same location every day (e.g., factory or manufacturing floor).

Retroactive Timesheets

Employees using InStaff Time Tracking can submit digital timesheets through their InStaff accounts from anywhere as frequently as required by the organization, be it at the end of each task, day, week, etc.

Mobile Clock

Employees on the move can also use InStaff’s mobile clock to start and stop the timer for different jobs and tasks as required.

Highly Customizable and Flexible
Logic, Rules & Format

InStaff Time Tracking can capture everything you need using configurable settings and fields. Set up tasks and job numbers with validation, account for overtime, nightshifts or other special pay types, set up custom rules to automatically handle breaks, missed entries, and more.

Approval Workflows

Set your Time Tracking approval workflows to match your company’s internal process. Designated the right personnel to handle approvals, set up multi-step/layer approvals, or allow designated managers or team leaders to make entries on behalf of their employees.

Granular Reporting and Data Manipulation

Build detailed reports using filters and manipulate data live in InStaff’s drag-and-drop report table to generate different views on-the-fly.

Sage 300 Integration

InStaff Time Tracking data can be brought wherever it is needed within your organization’s Sage 300 instance. Sage 300 Time Tracking integrations are available off-the-shelf or can be customized by our highly experienced team to meet your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out below for more information or to schedule a demo.

Learn more about InStaff’s Time Tracking solution for Sage 300 here.

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