Choosing Digital Timesheets for Sage 50 – What’s Right For You?

This article applies to both Sage 50 Canada (formerly Simply Accounting) and Sage 50 US (formerly Peachtree accounting). 

If you’re a Sage 50 user whose organization currently tracks employee time via paper timesheets, you may have landed on this article in your search for a digital time tracking solution to accommodate a growing team. 

Luckily, there are no shortage of digital time tracking solutions on the market and there are even ample choices designed for use within the Sage ecosystem.  

With so many options that each vary in their cost, functionality, and additional packaged value-added solutions, your first priority should be to determine what your specific organization’s needs are. Ask yourself what your current time tracking/time sheet process looks like, what information your employees need to capture, your budget, and consider if there are any other related paper-based functions that you would like to digitalize at the same time as your timesheets. 

Below, we’ll talk about some of the benefits and considerations of InStaff’s time tracking solution for Sage 50 (and other Sage products) to help give you an idea of whether InStaff is right for you. 

Benefits of InStaff Time Tracking for Sage 50 

Flexible Configuration, Rules, Workflows & Reports 

The first aspect of any time solution you might want to consider is whether it can be set up to capture the time tracking processes your organization needs. InStaff has highly customizable timesheets and entry methods (including time clock and punch clock entry) that is most likely able to capture the information you need on a timesheet like dates, hours, tasks, jobs, etc., while accounting for different OT designations and more. 

InStaff’s time tracking module can also be set up with custom logic, multi-step approval workflows, and reporting capabilities. InStaff’s time tracking reports can be custom formatted to match your Sage 50 import format for a seamless time data transfer between InStaff and your Sage 50 accounting system. 


Time tracking solutions can range from “freemium” models (although be mindful that free functionality often stops being useful past a small handful of employees as most free solutions lock their premium features behind higher pay tiers) to comprehensive (and expensive) solutions with every conceivable bell and whistle that may cost well over $10/month per employee. 

What features you require and how much you’re willing to pay for them will depend on the complexity of your time tracking needs.  

At InStaff we provide all of our time tracking functionality (no “tier locking”) for an unlimited number of administrative users for a reasonable $3/month per user. If cost is a factor for your organization, reach out to see if InStaff is suitable for you. 

Ease of Implementation 

No one likes a lengthy and complex implementation, though it can be unavoidable for certain systems, particularly highly complex software suites, especially if they are hosted on-premise.  

InStaff is a web-based application with minimal set up requirements and world class support that can help you get you up and running with a new digital timesheet solution (and more!) with just a few hours of set up that can be completed in a single day if necessary. 

Value-Added Solutions 

While many time tracking solutions come standalone, just as many do not, and may be included as part of a larger suite of operational/HR/payroll solutions that may or may not interest you.  

InStaff offers a suite of optional add-on solutions that allows you to digitalize at your pace – so you aren’t left wanting more or overpaying for features you don’t need. 

Our other Sage 50 users use our time tracking solution with our Time-Off Requests modules to manage leave requests as part of a complete Time and Attendance system. You can also use InStaff to digitalize, send and host your Sage 50 paystubs and tax forms, company documents, announcements, and more. 

Interested in learning more about InStaff? Reach out today with the form below with your questions, to request a demo, or a free trial, and explore whether InStaff is the right solution for your growing organization. 

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