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From simple pay stub delivery to a complete Employee Self-Service portal — InStaff is completely customizable. Just pick the features you need, and save on what you don't.

  Upload/View Pay Stubs & Tax Forms Online

  Self Serve Employee Records

  Time Tracking Online

  Broadcast Announcements

  Private Employee Files

  Manage Time-Off & Vacation Requests

  Company Documents & Files Management

  Employee Directory

  Certifications & License Manager

  All without having to switch payroll software!

Want a feature you don't see? Get in touch — we do custom development work for a number of our customers!

Upload/View Pay Stubs & Tax Forms Online

Upload PDF pay stubs & tax forms to your employees' accounts. InStaff automatically splits and sends PDFs by employee to replace hours of manually printing, folding, sorting, and stuffing pay stubs into envelopes.

Allow employees 24/7 self-service access to their pay stubs & tax forms online.

Recover time spent delivering pay stubs every pay period, and save money while reducing your paper usage.

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InStaff Pay stubs

Self Serve Employee Records

Self service is more efficient than doing manual data entry yourself. Allow employees to update their information at their own convenience.

Employees can update their addresses, contact details, emergency contacts and more.

An organized database to store employee information, accessible whenever you need it.

A robust permission system allows you to ensure sensitive data can only be viewed by authorized personnel.

InStaff Company Announcements

Time Tracking

Customizable time tracking for any location, situation, or workflow.

InStaff's Time Tracking module allows you to track time for on-site workers or employees on-the-go.

Entries can be made via a centralized tablet on-site (acting as a punch clock terminal allowing employees to clock in and out), or;

Employees in the field can enter and submit timesheets retroactively from their mobile device or computer, stating how much time they spent at a certain job or location.

Customizable timesheets/data fields, approval workflows, reports, and integrations mean you can set your InStaff Time Tracking module up exactly as you need to for your specific business.

Learn more about Time Tracking

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InStaff Time Tracking

Company Announcements

Keep your employees informed & engaged.

Make it easy to broadcast company-wide announcements.

A central location, so no more messages get lost in the shuffle, ensuring all employees are up to date and on the same page.

Read receipts and department specific announcements help you make sure the right people get the right messages.

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InStaff Company Announcements

Private Files

Give employees a private file store, where you can upload files that only they can see.

Now you can have an organized place for signed employee contracts, agreements, performance reviews & other personal files.

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Private Employee Files

Time-Off & Vacation Requests

Allow employees to submit time-off & vacation requests online.

Managers can approve or reject time-off requests, and employees can easily view the status of their requests.

Once time-off requests are approved or rejected, employees are automatically sent an email notification.

Highly customizable — You can easily create various time-off "types" that employees can requests (ie. Personal, Sick Leave, Vacation, etc.).

Calendar View — Admins have a calendar view, to see at a glance, who is off on which days.

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Time-Off Request Manager

Company Documents & Files Online

Provide a central place for employees to retrieve company documents from anywhere, anytime.

Employee manuals, onboarding documents, waivers, request forms, policies and procedures, etc. — a repository of all your commonly used files.

Access Control — Permissions can be set on each file, so they're only accessible to specified departments.

Smarter document management!

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InStaff Company Documents

Employee Directory

Provide a listing of your employees, to make it easy for colleagues to find one another.

Employees profiles can show their email address, phone number, office and other additional notes.

Searches can be done by name, department or title/position.

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InStaff Company Directory Profile

Certifications & License Management

Track & manage employee certifications and licenses.

Be alerted when certifications are nearing expiry.

Generate reports: filter and sort by employees, certifications, dates and more.

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Certifications and License Manager

Modular and Flexible

InStaff is modular, meaning you can pick and choose to include the features you need — & save on what you don't. InStaff can be outfitted with any of these features to turn your pay stub delivery platform into a complete employee portal and HRMS solution.

Have a need for a feature InStaff doesn't currently provide? Just ask!

InStaff Dashboard


InStaff integrates with various Payroll and ERP systems.

We offer standard integrations, as well as custom integrations to fit whatever you might need!

Check out our integrations page to see what's available.

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