Introducing Balance Tracking for InStaff Time-Off Requests

We’re very excited to announce the addition of balance tracking functionality to our Time-Off Requests module this month. This widely requested module enhancement provides employees with real-time visibility into their remaining time-off balances and automatically subtracts approved time-off from their remaining balance.  

Time Off Balance Tracking Dialog

Employee Request Time-Off Dialog

If your portal already has the Time-Off Requests module activated, you can enable balance tracking as an administrator for no additional cost under admin > billing > turn on/off additional features, or contact our team for assistance. After being activated, you can find your new balance tracking settings under the Time-Off Requests settings within the admin navigation panel: 

Time-Off Requests Balance Tracking settings in your portal’s admin panel

From here, you can easily update all of your employees’ balances at once with a simple CSV import, or edit balances or view the update history for any given employee through the “Edit Balance for Employee” page:  

Edit Time-Off balances for a given employee

Finally, run a detailed time-off balance report that can be exported to PDF or CSV: 

Sample Time-Off Balance Report

More About InStaff Time Off-Requests

InStaff’s Time-Off Requests module allows employees to easily submit their time-off and vacation requests directly through their InStaff account. Customizable settings allow admins to approve, manage, and track time-off requests as needed. View balances, history, and reports at a glance, and make upcoming employee time-off viewable on a company or admin-wide calendar.  

Learn more about Time Off Requests here, or contact InStaff today to get started with your free trial. 

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