An Alternative To Emailing QuickBooks Paystubs To Employees

Use QuickBooks for payroll? Tired of emailing paystubs to employees? Then this article is for you!

Whether you use QuickBooks Online or Desktop for payroll, once you get past a certain # of employees, distributing paystubs can get tedious.

Emailing paystubs one by one. Endlessly clicking to send emails to each employee. Unsure if they're receiving them. Not fun!

Or worse, you could be printing out paystubs and handing them out...all those paper cuts, ouch!

What if instead, you could just save one single file for the payrun batch, and pass it off to a magic machine that does all the paystub distribution for you? You'd have less clicks to make and less files to handle.

What if instead, there was a way to provide a central place online, for your employees to view their paystubs? You'd get less requests for re-printing lost paystubs. All of an employee's paystubs would be in that one, organized place.

What if, through this system, you could give your employees access to private files that only they can view (such as contracts, timesheets, waivers, etc.), as well as other company documents (policies and procedures, handbooks, etc.)?

What if employees could make time-off requests (vacations, sick leave, etc.) through this system too? Then you'd have an organized way to handle requests, and a calendar view of who's going to be off on which days.

What if you could send out announcements and memos through this system too, and have a way to ensure employees have received and read them?

Well...a solution does exist and it hits all these "what-if's". It's called InStaff, and it's compatible with QuickBooks Online Payroll and QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

And for the Canadians reading this, Intuit's ViewMyPaycheck service hasn't been available for the longest time. We've heard your calls here, here and here. InStaff is our solution for you!

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