A Step-by-Step Guide to Delivering Pay Stubs to Employees Online using InStaff

Looking for a better way to get your employees their pay stubs after processing payroll? Perhaps right now you're still printing and folding physical pieces of paper, or you're emailing them and are looking for a more efficient, organized way to distribute pay stubs to employees online.

Since 2014, InStaff has been the simplest and most affordable way to distribute pay stubs to employees digitally. InStaff works as an add-on to your current payroll process, meaning there is absolutely no need to switch your payroll provider or software, just for the sake of getting pay stubs to employees online.

In fact, InStaff is compatible with any payroll system that produces PDF pay stubs.

Want to see how it works? We've recently distilled our Pay Stubs & Tax Forms module demo into a 5 minute video that you can watch below:

And in case that's not enough, we're distilling it further, in case you'd rather read than listen.

Here's our step-by-step guide to delivering pay stubs to employees online:

  1. Process payroll as you normally would.

  2. Save your employee pay stubs as a PDF file. (If all your employee pay stubs are in a single PDF file, our software will automatically read, split, sort, and correctly deliver employees' pay stubs to their InStaff accounts! If they are individual files, you can zip them up and upload the zip folder and our software will do the same.)

  3. Login to your company's InStaff portal as an admin.

  4. Navigate to the Upload Pay Documents screen.

  5. Upload your PDF pay stub file.

  6. Once your file is done processing, click Preview & Verify to get to the preview screen. From here you can make sure everything was read correctly.

  7. If everything is looking good, click “Accept Parsed Document” to publish the pay stubs immediately, or click “Accept & Schedule Publish Time” to schedule the pay stub publishing for a later date.

  8. Send an email notification through InStaff letting your employees know they have a new document available to view on InStaff! This can be done manually or set to happen automatically.

And that's it! Your employees' pay stubs are now uploaded to your InStaff portal. They can now login and view their complete pay stub history online at any time. No more printing or reprinting lost stubs! That's time, paper, and money saved.

Get started with a free trial of InStaff today. Reach out to us at contact@instaff.org, or through the form below. Ready to get started now? Book a setup call with us and we'll walk you through what you need to get started with your own InStaff portal.

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