Deliver Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT Paystubs Online

InStaff is Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT compatible

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT payroll users, rejoice! You can now send Blackbaud payroll check stubs electronically to your non-profit or government employees using InStaff’s employee self-service paystub portal.

InStaff is compatible with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT paystubs, along with any other payroll system that generates a PDF paystub.

Save time, money, and paper when you switch to online paystubs. No more tedious printing and distributing endless sheets of paper (that just get lost anyway). Empower your employees with 24/7 online access to their pay statements and never reprint a lost stub again.

How it works

  1. Process payroll like usual
  2. Save your Financial Edge NXT paystub file as a PDF
  3. Login to your InStaff portal and upload the PDF file containing multiple paystubs
  4. InStaff automatically reads, sorts and splits the file into their individual stubs, then delivers the stubs to the correct employee accounts
  5. Employees are notified of a new paystub available and can login at anytime to view their complete pay statement history

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My boss at the time would say, "we didn't pay you to fold paper"... it's huge, the amount of time it's saved us.

— L, Business Services Co-ordinator

Excellent and easy to use. The ease of use of the software and the support team is wonderful to deal with. The training was very easy...

— Frank Tropea, Payroll Manager

Blackbaud Finanical Edge NXT FAQ

Questions from real Blackbaud payroll users

Q: Our paystubs are currently being printed onto pre-printed check stock that provides the labels. Without the check stock, the paystub fields are labelless. Will this work with InStaff?

A: InStaff does not actually require paystub field labels to successfully read and deliver the paystubs, however it could be difficult for employees to interpret their paystubs without them. We recommend finding a way to include the labels background on the stubs you are uploading to InStaff.

More than just paystubs

InStaff started in 2014 as an online paystub portal designed to be compatible with any payroll system’s paycheck stubs.

Since then, we’ve added a number of optional features to help eliminate paper and save time across other areas of your business too. Today, our customers also use InStaff for:

  • Tax forms
  • Time tracking
  • Announcements
  • Files/documents storage
  • Time-off requests
  • Certifications and license management
  • Employee directory

InStaff is 100% modular, meaning you can pick and choose only the features you need, to keep it as simple and affordable as possible.

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