InStaff — Time Tracking

  • Track time on-site or on-the-go
  • Clock-in/clock-out or submit timesheets retroactively
  • Custom timesheets and data fields
  • Custom approval workflow
  • Custom reports
  • Custom integrations

Track Time On-Site or On-The-Go

InStaff's Time Tracking can be set up as a central punch clock terminal where employees can clock in and out, or;

As a mobile entry solution for employees in the field who work at different job sites every day. These employees can easily enter and submit timesheets on their mobile device or computer.

Punch Clock or Timesheets

Set your InStaff Time Tracking up as a clock-in/clock-out solution, or;

As a retroactively completed and submitted timesheet entry, where employees can fill out a digital timesheet stating how much time they spent on a particular task/location.

With timesheets, employees can submit their own entries, or designated team leaders/managers can submit entries on an employee’s behalf.

Retroactive Timesheet Entry

Time Clock Terminal

Custom Data Fields & Rules

Capture all the information you need with InStaff’s highly customizable and flexible forms. Track a task, location, job number, and anything else that you need.

Custom rules allow you to validate job numbers, automatically subtract time for breaks, handle situations where employees forget to clock out, and more.

Custom Approval Workflow

Set up your approval workflow the way you need it. Varying levels of user authorizations allow you to designate specific employees/managers/administrators to handle entry approvals and set up multi-level approvals if necessary (for example, manager approvals can then go to a payroll administrator for a final approval).

Custom Reports

Build detailed reports using different filters, then export to PDF or CSV.

An API endpoint is also available to retrieve time tracking entry information.

Custom Accounting Integrations

By default, you can easily export time tracking data for import into your accounting program.

For direct integrations, InStaff currently has an out-of-the-box integration available for Sage 300 (Accpac) Timecards.

If you require a direct integration into another accounting system, don’t hesitate to ask!

Alternatively, you can use our API to integrate with another accounting system yourself.

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