QuickBooks Compatible HRMS Software

An HRMS solution that syncs with your QuickBooks employees.

Extend the functionality of QuickBooks with an InStaff portal.

InStaff is great way to provide your employees with a self-service portal to view pay stubs generated from QuickBooks and more!

InStaff is modular — so you only pay for features you need & save on what you don't

Discover InStaff's QuickBooks Compatible HRMS

How Does It Work?

What our happy clients are saying:

My boss at the time would say, "we didn't pay you to fold paper"... it's huge, the amount of time it's saved us.

— L, Business Services Co-ordinator

Excellent and easy to use. The ease of use of the software and the support team is wonderful to deal with. The training was very easy...

— Frank Tropea, Payroll Manager

This is a great solution to the prehistoric ways of mailing out pay stubs or individually emailing each employee their pay stubs. Easy to set up for both employee and employer. Very Affordable, great time saver.

— Reza M. Pour, President

I've been using this service for almost a year now and it's great! Saves me a lot of time and the staff love how easily accessible their pay stubs are. The support staff are super accommodating and helpful as well!

— Ryan Panchuk, Junior Bookkeeper

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