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Pay History Viewing

# Of Employees Up To 20 Up To 50 Up To 100 Up To 200 200+
Price $20/Month $45/Month $80/Month $140/Month Contact Us
Pay Documents stay online for 3 years, unless otherwise agreed upon.
A setup fee of $300 applies for non QuickBooks Online payroll systems.

Modular Features

# Of Employees Up To 20 Up To 50 Up To 100 Up To 200 200+
Announcements $10/Month $20/Month $35/Month $50/Month Contact Us
Employee Directory $10/Month $20/Month $35/Month $50/Month Contact Us
Time-Off Requests $10/Month $20/Month $35/Month $50/Month Contact Us
Private Files $10/Month $20/Month $35/Month $50/Month Contact Us
Documents & Files $10/Month — 20GB $20/Month — 50GB $35/Month — 100GB $50/Month — 200GB Contact Us

Time Tracking

# Of Employees Unlimited
Price $3/Month/Employee
Time Tracking employee counts are based on the number of employees using Time Tracking for the month.

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