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InStaff's pricing is simple and modular. Pay for what you need, save on what you don't.

$0.35 per paystub/taxform

Time Tracking


Modular Features

# Of Employees Modular Features
Up To 20 $10/Month/Module
Up To 50 $20/Month/Module
Up To 100 $40/Month/Module
Up To 200 $80/Month/Module
Up To 300 $100/Month/Module
Up To 400 $120/Month/Module
Up To 500 $150/Month/Module
Up To 750 $225/Month/Module
Up To 1000 $300/Month/Module
1000+ Contact Us For A Quote

InStaff's modular feature options include:

  • Time Tracking
  • Announcements
  • Employee Directory
  • Time-Off Requests
  • Private Files
  • Document/File Management
  • Certifications/License Management

File Management includes 1GB per employee tier (e.g. tier 'Up To 400' has 400GB storage space).

Time Tracking employee counts are based on the number of employees making entries for the month.
*Pay stubs and tax forms stay online for 3 years, unless otherwise agreed upon.
*A one-time portal setup fee of $300 applies for non QuickBooks Online payroll systems.
*Minimum invoice $20/month. If monthly usage is below $20, the difference will be applied.

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