Stop Stuffing Envelopes.

You're already busy making sure your employees are paid correctly and on time.

After they’re paid, you’re required to give each employee a pay statement. But you’re not required to print paper and stuff envelopes.

InStaff is the easiest way to automate paystub delivery by allowing you to instantly upload PDF paystubs to a secure, online paystub portal that employees can access from anywhere.

Turn hours of paper folding into a few clicks. Make it easier for employees to keep track of their pay history too.


How It Works:


Process payroll

Finish processing your payroll for the period. Generate your employees' PDF pay stubs.


Upload to InStaff

Automatically upload pay stubs to their corresponding employees with a few clicks.


Login and view

Employees can now login to their portal account and view their complete pay history and more.

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