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Extend the functionality of your existing ERP & payroll system

Are you printing, folding and stuffing envelopes? Emailing paystubs to employees?

There's a better way — with InStaff.

Eliminate manual processes & finish payroll up to 60X faster!

Plans start from as low as $20/month

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Why InStaff?

If your company is still distributing paper pay stubs & pay advices, you likely spend a lot of time printing & folding paper into envelopes — every single pay period. That’s a considerable amount of time and expense.

You’re looking for a faster, more efficient way to deliver pay stubs after processing payroll.

You want to eliminate the time-consuming burden of manual processes.

Meet InStaff.

With InStaff, YOU can have:

  • A cloud-based, online hub for employees to securely view pay history, tax forms & more — anywhere, anytime.
  • A direct replacement of paper pay stubs and their associated hassles.
  • A centralized, controlled source, to manage and access your employee data and communications.
  • A secure hub for employees to access important files, read announcements, enter time sheets & more.
  • A flexible system — pick and choose the modules you need, leave out what you don’t.
  • A portal that is easy to implement & simple to use — with no extravagant price tag.

All while keeping your existing payroll software & processes.

InStaff is a simple add-on to extend the functionality of your current ERP and payroll software.

How It Works:

Great! Payroll is nearly done for this period.

You have all your employee pay stubs, and with a few clicks they are uploaded to your company’s private, secure InStaff portal.

An email alert notifies employees when new pay stubs are ready for viewing. Employees can then login to InStaff to view their documents.

You used to spend hours on printing and folding paper. Now you’ve replaced that with just a few clicks.

Simple. Efficient.


Time Saved

Improve productivity. Replace hours of manual processes — folding and handing out pay stubs — with just a few clicks.

Money Saved

Time equals money. So do paper, envelopes, ink and unnecessary administrative overhead.

Paper Saved

How many sheets of paper and envelopes are you currently distributing every pay period? Every year? Go paperless and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

More Secure

Paper pay stubs contain sensitive personal information, but can be easily misplaced or accidentally read by others. Viewing pay stubs through InStaff requires employees to login, ensuring that only they can see their pay information. All portals are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption

Less Complex, More Affordable

InStaff is a simple solution to the hassles of paper pay stubs, without unnecessary features or complexity. We make sure our pricing reflects that.


InStaff integrates with various Payroll and ERP systems such as QuickBooks, Sage 50/100/300, Foundation, Viewpoint Vista/Spectrum, Payroll Mate and more. We offer standard integrations, as well as custom integrations to fit whatever you might need!


What our happy clients are saying:

My boss at the time would say, “we didn’t pay you to fold paper”… it’s huge, the amount of time it’s saved us.

— L, Business Services Co-ordinator

Excellent and easy to use. The ease of use of the software and the support team is wonderful to deal with. The training was very easy…

— Frank Tropea, Payroll Manager

This is a great solution to the prehistoric ways of mailing out pay stubs or individually emailing each employee their pay stubs. Easy to set up for both employee and employer. Very Affordable, great time saver.

— Reza M. Pour, President

I’ve been using this service for almost a year now and it’s great! Saves me a lot of time and the staff love how easily accessible their paystubs are. The support staff are super accommodating and helpful as well!

— Ryan Panchuk, Financial and Operations Coordinator

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